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“She leads the home” Group coaching

Purchase the “Renew The Heart” ecourse below and

participate in our free online group coaching while space is available.

For: Christian Wives who want to remove pain and resentment when your husband does not spiritually lead in the home, maximum group size of 100

When: Zoom group coaching, Mondays and Thursdays from 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM, from September 7th through September 28th. Women will meet twice a week in the month of September.

Overview: Many Christian women struggle with their husband’s lack of spiritual leadership in the home. They pray and wait for years, but nothing changes. The problem is that many women are left feeling spiritually unfulfilled, disappointed, and frustrated with their spouse. They don’t know how to release feelings of anger or disappointment towards their husbands and it can take a long time to heal those wounds.

“She Leads” provides a step-by-step guide on how to shift your heart from resentment and bitterness toward love and forgiveness in 3 phases. You’ll discover keys to release emotional pain, learn how God sees your husband, and change the course of your relationship.

Participants will receive:

  • Renew The Heart e-course
  • 7 highly interactive Zoom meetings with Diana Bigham, Kingdom-minded therapist
  • Engaging homework assignments

Cost: $47, Zoom link will be sent in email

Learn how to actually “give your pain to God”, grow confident in recognizing His voice, and become free from resentment. Renew your heart so you can move into God’s best for your life.

Purchase “Renew The Heart” to Join Free

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Who IS

"SHE LEADS" for?

We offer married Christian woman a place to eliminate pain and resentment that comes from spiritual loneliness in marriage and restore marital connection so that you can thrive spiritually and bring fulfillment in your call as a woman of God.

Our products & services

Purchase the “Renew The Heart” ecourse below and participate in our free group coaching beginning Sept 7th on Zoom.

Discover the 3 keys to breakthrough with the Renew the Heart Course.

Join the Ascend waitlist, a 12-week spiritual discipleship for women.

Client Testimonies

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Erika, Renew The Heart

My heart has softened towards myself, my husband and others. I am excited to study the Bible and pray again. My marriage and home has more peace with these practical tips and confirmation God has given me through this course.

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Rebecca, Renew The Heart

I have a clear path forward and received needed encouragement from Diana and the Lord about where I am now.

Mara, Ascend

Diana is so great about practical equipping and teaching in every area, but I especially enjoy her wisdom in the prophetic.

Breann, Family Challenge

incorporating the steps I learned in this challenge has helped to decrease those unwanted arguments on daily issues that arise.

Elizabeth, Renew The Heart

I definitely feel like I have some sharpened tools to utilize in situations, not only with my husband, but with all relationships. I can identify more easily when my focus has shifted off of my own relationship with the Lord.

Diana, Renew The Heart

Working with you was unique in that you shared wisdom, listened for the groups questions or comments and gave practical tools to apply. I had done marriage counseling before but it was different in that it felt more like venting but working with you was all about taking positive action to a healthier-better relationship.

Life now is peaceful, I feel it in my heart and in my space at home. After the first session, I immediately had a better perspective to my problem and I felt equipped to continue fighting the good fight.

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